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Hey – I’m Ken. Ken McLaggan.

AKA Mac. I make wax. Mac’s Wax.

I’m not a kiwi by birth - I immigrated to beautiful New Zealand from another beautiful country, South Africa, 20 years ago.

I’d started life there as a metallurgist on the mines at Phalaborwa in 1969, within a lion’s roar of Kruger National Park.

The seed of Mac’s Max was planted in that most ancient crucible of life that is the African wilderness.

But that seed took time to sprout – 30 years in fact – through my commercial experience in water treatment, corrosion control, paint technology, and much, much more.

But I’ll tell you about my regional airline MacAir (No kidding) and the funeral parlour business I weirdly inherited by accident another time!

What’s important is, when I arrived in New Zealand in 1999, the Mac’s Wax seedling finally came to life. It swiftly blossomed into one of this country’s most coveted and trusted treatments for a plethora of materials in need of repair and rejuvenation or enhancement and protection.

Whether it’s your weathered outdoor dining room table, your car’s sun-faded dashboard, your fat-spattered BBQ cover, your leather shoes or a MULTITUDE of other “battered” surfaces like powder-coated window frames, tool blades, even horse riding saddles, Mac’s Wax will revive and up-shine the shabbiest of those you can imagine.

And surprise...it will also enhance and protect your valued indoor wooden or leather furniture beautifully, (whether brand new or age challenged) .  

In fact, if I’d had more marketing nous, I’d have called it WonderWax.

But I’m getting on a bit – (don’t hold it against me) - and WonderWax sounds…well... a little bit cheesy…

So yeah, if any of your household items listed below need a new lease of life, (or perhaps you’d like to protect them at the START of their lives),

then try Mac’s Wax on.....

·     Raw wooden furniture (rejuvenates, protects and enhances)

·     Lacquered wooden furniture (enhances and protects, hides fine scratches)

·     Oiled wooden furniture (rejuvenates, protects and enhances)

·     Leather couches, jackets, bags, saddles, hats, shoes etc. (Softens, protects and waterproofs)

·     Granite surfaces (helps protect against staining)

·     Faded plastic surfaces (brings back the colour)

·     Chalked painted surfaces (rejuvenates and brings back the colour)

·     stainless steel surfaces (resists finger marking)

You have my word that you will love how it works.

In fact, if you don’t love it, simply send it back within 90 days for a full refund. That’s my Mac’s Guarantee. And I stand behind it.

Stay Shiny

Ken “Mac” McLaggan