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"I needed some wax for my beautiful furniture and having moved abroad, was having difficulty in finding a quality product to protect my furniture. I found Mac’s Wax on the internet and was very impressed with the service. All my e-mails were answered promptly and with all the information required...I was even offered helpful advice on how to go about paying online without having an international bank account. The Mac’s Wax itself is keeping my wood looking good as new and I would definitely recommend this company as an excellent provider. Rachel (Bahrain)

"I would like to highly recommend Mac’s Wax to any person that want their furniture to be in top condition.

I owned & managed a couple of upmarket retail furniture stores for over 26 years. I have lost count of the number of waxes & polish that our stores used & sold. Not one of these products gave me the satisfaction that I received from using Mac’s Wax, the finish & ease of applying Mac’s Wax was a very pleasant surprise.

Mac’s Wax in my opinion is the best furniture restorer on the market at the present time!” Kevin (AUS)

"I have been using Mac’s Wax on my hardwood dining table and chairs for the past 10 years as it was recommended to me by the retailer. I am by nature a lazy person so Mac’s Wax is perfect for me! It is easy to apply: you don't have to use some super-special technique. You don't have to wear gloves because it doesn't contain anything yucky or harsh. It protects the table so well that I never have to use coasters or placemats. Water and liquid spills just bead on it so it makes cleanup easy. I get real delight in using it because it gives the table a nice lustre that is warm and natural-looking. Della

"I think your product 'Mac’s Wax' is great. I have a large square rimu dining room table sitting in a window area, so obviously it gets a lot of sunlight. Everyone comments on the beautiful finish and that is thanks to Mac’s Wax. I also polish my other furniture with your product. Thank you. Jill (NZ)

"I can truly say that Mac’s Wax is the best wooden surface restorer I have ever used. I used it on a 20 year old tawa wooden kitchen at our busy family farm house and it was THE only thing that would keep the surface glossy and mark free. Nothing I tried would even touch it for results. I also use it on my parents 100 year old oak table and it leaves a lovely finish. We also have a recycled pine, big 1.5 metre square table where we now live and it is still the only product that will cover any marks and leave it looking shiny and mark free. Great product. Thank you. Good luck. Jan

"I have a teak sideboard which was looking very dry and sad. After only one application of Mac’s Wax it looks better than the day I bought it! The colour has returned and the wood looks healthy and nourished without any effort on my part. Mac’s Wax is an incredibly good product! Muriel (NZ)

"I bought a Rimu dining table some 18 months ago. I have found that Mac’s Wax has developed a beautiful patina to the surface and without much effort from me at all.

Mac’s Wax is also really good for cleaning up those "sticky finger" kids marks that they have a habit of leaving behind! I am now due for my second bottle, so the Mac’s Wax goes a really long way!

I declare myself a Mac’s Wax fan! Julie (NZ)

"When I first saw the Add for Mac’s Wax , I couldn't wait to try it, even if it was too good to be true, but I was flabbergasted when with just one 250ml bottle, I turned a grotty old but good quality saddle that I paid $100.00 for, into a show piece that looked like it was just new out of the shop!!!

"Just a quick note to say that I am really rapt with this product. It is magic. I have started to coat all my tools with it and the results to date are amazing. As well as protection it seems to work as a lubricant too without any damage caused to the wood when using the tools. It does go a long way. I have been looking for a product like this for years. I am so pleased. Many thanks again!” Mike (NZ)

It was faded to green in most areas from being exposed to sun, and very scuffed and dry. That same saddle sold a month later for $600.00, And needless to say the drips left in the bottle went on everything I could reach inside the house and the car... even the cat and dog followed me around for a taste (they were totally unaffected by their taste testing :-) Anne (NZ)